The latest Republican efforts to steal the 2008 election


They nominated a candidate for vice-president who wanted to ban books from the local library (click here for the list), believes that God supports wars and oil pipelines, opposes birth control, supports "abstinence only" sex education and Alaskan secession from the United States. (Click here for a good summary by Randi Rhodes.)

Sarah Palin's mother-in-law isn't going to vote for her. So, how could it be possible for a fool like her to become vice-president of the United States? Why, the same way they won the last two: cheat.

The Republicans have come up with a new method for 2008, and they've outdone themselves. What they are doing is trying to remove people who have had their homes repossessed from the voter's lists. They are trying to disenfranchise the class of people who, other than the people abandoned by their government during Hurricane Katrina, are most likely to vote Democratic.

Thom Hartmann of Air America Radio started publicizing this a couple of days ago. Crooks and Liars has picked up on it, and here is their story: GOP seeks to contest voters from foreclosed homes.

And that's not all. Another class of people most likely to vote Democratic is college students, and here is another story courtesy of Crooks and Liars: Virginia county issues “chilling” voter registration report. The racket here is, Montgomery County, where Virginia Tech (28,000 potential voters) is located, sent out deliberately misleading information to discourage students from registering to vote.

The Republicans clearly have no shame, It isn't going to be enough to just turf them out of office. Those who are committing election fraud should be investigated, prosecuted, and jailed.