Another tribute to Henry W. Broughton (1919-2008)


Henry and granddaughter Darcy BroughtonThis comes from Henry W. Broughton's nephew, John Broughton. John was the founder of John Broughton Associates and Broughton Systems Inc. in Richmond, VA. He is now retired.:

Just two weeks ago Donna and I visited the family in Bremerton. We particularly wanted to spend time with Uncle Henry, knowing that his health was fragile. We had dinner with Henry and Elizabeth along with Bob, Carol and Debbie. As always, it was a treat to be with the family. The following morning, Bob took Henry to his doctor’s appointment, then Donna and I joined Henry, Elizabeth and Bob for a few hours.

We talked about a number of things. I especially enjoyed listening to Henry talk about old family stories from Norge. When it came time to leave, there were things left unsaid, and I had an all too brief opportunity to say them to Henry as we walked to the door.

I told Uncle Henry that I had thought a lot about him since my last visit more than a year ago. As I have grown older and (hopefully) a bit more mature, I have come to realize that Henry is my role model. That I respect him for living a life focused upon doing the right thing. That his focus has always been on doing what is best for his family. That he left a comfortable retirement in Front Royal to be where he was most needed – with his grandchildren. That his role as Grandpa was a source of great nourishment for those grandchildren and will always be a wonderful memory for them.

Uncle Henry thanked me. Then we said goodbye.

Henry came from a generation of Broughtons who have been truly remarkable in their consistent if understated ways:

Oliver, who never met a stranger,

Harold, who was a caregiver to those who needed care,

Julian, with his wonderful wit, for whom “everything was lovely” no matter what,

Ruth, for her quiet good works,

Carrie, who at 85 still tutors children in need.

To me, Uncle Henry exemplified the goodness, hard work, devotion to family and the needs of others, and general good humor which characterized that generation. He will be missed. His life is to be celebrated and remembered.

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