Why you shouldn't vote Conservative on Tuesday


Do you find the Conservative radio and television ads to be an insult to your intelligence? If you're reading this, probably yes, and a person would have to be brain-dead to have their voting choice influenced by these ads.

And here's some bad news: if the Conservatives gain seats in the October 14 (that's Tuesday) election, the ad campaign will be judged to be a success, and you'll be subjected to a lot more ads like this in future elections.

High-profile Liberal Warren Kinsella came up with a response, a CTV interview with "Bart the Fish":

Good one, Warren, but I'm not voting Liberal. I live in a safe NDP riding (Burnaby-New Westminster), and I think it's best to keep it that way.

I've done some campaigning in Vancouver Centre for my old friend Adriane Carr. If you live in this riding, don't believe the "strategic voting" people who say that you should vote Liberal or NDP. Why?

  1. It won't be any sort of tragedy if Hedy Fry gets retired. Fry has done herself a lot of good by collecting a $130,000 salary for the last 15 years. She hasn't done much good for anyone else.
  2. The NDP isn't going to win this seat. How do I know? Because when I was out mainstreeting for Carr, a couple of NDP types berated the Green Party for killing too many trees to print campaign literature. (One of them even said, "People get their information from television anyway." Yeah, right.) People who try to make a stink about something like this are people who know that they are going to lose.

One final plug: If you live in Saanich-Gulf Islands, the same "strategic voting" people are telling you to vote for Liberal Briony Penn. It's advice that's hard to argue with, but if you want to vote for somebody who has paid some dues, and would be a credit to your community and to the House of Commons, vote for my friend and Green Party candidate Andrew Lewis.