Talk 1410 becomes Team 1410

Vancouver radio listeners suddenly discovered on November 6 that they had one less talk radio station, and Simi Sara, Dave Brindle, and Nikki Renshaw learned the previous afternoon that they no longer had jobs. Instead, the Vancouver market now has two all-sports radio stations. Most of the content on Team 1410 will be national sports talk hosts such as Jim Rome.

I can't find anything good about this development. There are a lot of things going on in British Columbia that could stand more attention from the citizens: the Virk/Basi trial, disappearance of salmon runs, privatization of rivers and electric power, loss of civil liberties related to the 2010 Olympics, government unwillingness to prosecute polygamists, to give a few examples. Consider this: the takeover of Burlington Northern Santa Fe by Warren Buffett last week could have a significant impact on transportation and employment in the Lower Mainland, but local press coverage consisted of a wire service story in the back pages of the business section of the Vancouver Sun.

We now have fewer sources of information about what's going on than we had a week ago.

What brought this on? The latest ratings for the Vancouver market gave Talk 1410 AM a 1.8% market share. To put this in perspective, CBC AM got 11.6% and CKNW got 11.5%. (CKNW's share was in the 17-20% range in their heyday.) The 1.8% even compares unfavorably with Jim Pattison's geriatric "all time favourites" CISL (650 AM), with a 3.4% share. Low ratings mean low ad revenue, which means less money to pay Sara, Brindle, Renshaw, and the rest of the hired help.

There's another side to this, however. That 1.8% is the highest share that Talk 1410 AM had in over a year. And what short of listenership do they expect to get with reruns of Vancouver Canucks games and (this isn't a joke) radio coverage of golf. They also lose ad revenue for Coast to Coast and (ugh) Laura Schlessinger, syndicated programs carried at low cost.

The owners of CTVglobemedia, who also own Team 1040, The Beat 94.5 FM, and 103.5 QM/FM, had other options available to them. The nearby Air America Radio affiliates, KBAI-AM 930 in Bellingham and KPTK AM 1090 in Seattle, both carry some live sports programming to bring in some additional ad revenue. There was nothing obvious to stop CTVglobemedia from carrying BC Lions games and other live sports coverage, continuing with Coast to Coast, and keeping Sara and Brindle, whose programs were growing in popularity, on the air.

Was there something else going on here? Did somebody in CTVglobemedia's management get a phone call from Gordon Campbell or Stephen Harper's office, expressing displeasure with the subject matter under discussion on Sara's and Brindle's programs? One thing's for sure; if nobody asks this question, we're not going to hear any answers.

Article by Monte Paulsen for The Tyee: Talk 1410 gone, Brindle vows return


0 #8 j. cronin 2009-12-16 09:19
:sad: JUST what we need, another bloody sports station! Give us a break. Your station was like a breath of fresh air with it's numerous talk show hosts. especially Nicki Renshaw who at least had the courage to speak her mind. Quite frankly it was the only station worth listening too while spending time in our vehicles. Way to go fools.
0 #7 Rose H 2009-11-16 05:33
I've been listening to 1410 almost every day for the past 5 years. I've taken all their surveys, and have called in multiple times. But now that it's all sports, I will never tune in again. What a waste...
0 #6 Cher 2009-11-13 03:21
No question, your last paragraph says it all. I was wondering when the powers that be were going to pull the plug. Used to marvel that Simi and Dave could get away with championing the rights of the downtrodden. They asked some pretty uncomfortable questions and somebody in power started squirming. Somebody out there please get these people a platform - only the internet is free (at the moment)
0 #5 Michael Chan 2009-11-12 19:44
Talk 1410 used to have programs hosted by 2 personalities, and have awesome programming pretty much every hour of the day: Jen & Jo show in the morning, Patrick's Afternoon Buzz, Dave's show in the evening, and Coast to Coast all the way till next morning.

Then they cut down to one personalities, which greatly reduce the discussion quality and moved everyone to different spots.

Now they close the whole thing down completely. What the heck is going on!?
0 #4 JoJo Blues 2009-11-12 05:10
This is clearly the worst run station in North America. I stuck with them after Shane Foxman left...I stuck with them when they kept screwing around the the format and schedule of shows...I started to look around at other stations when they fired Jenn Thomson...I am now officially done with that station permanently. Quite frankly, I don't think the 'Team 1410' is even going to be around in 6 months.
0 #3 Pat Walker 2009-11-11 12:05
Well imagine my surprise when ,I turned my car radio to 1410 and got this really crappy sports program back in my face.
Talk about a low budget piece o' crap, syndicated crud c'mon give us a break, quite abyismal, don't understand your reasoning, other than the almighty buck, God help us all if this is where the world is heading, grimmmmmm.
Used to love listening to the good crew you had assembled, Nikki, Dave, Patrick, etc.

Too bad you have no balls, too bad
0 #2 Jacguelyn Walker 2009-11-11 11:43
Sorry that 1410 Buzz of Vancouver is no more I would listen each day and really enjoyed Simi, Nikki and Patrick loved to listen to their views and found the shows very interesting. I will no longer be turning on my radio to 1410 can't stand the new format. Have taken you off my radio speed dail. I will miss the Buzz of Vancouver.
0 #1 Angela 2009-11-09 05:28
Bob, I completely agree with everything you've said. i was one of those listeners who jumped in the car, switched on to listen to Dave Brindle (who was a fabulous addition to 1410) and found some bland sport presenter. Thinking I must have caught the sports news I carried on listening. Only, to exclaim "WTF" when it didn't stop.
CTVGlobal, you've made a big mistake. This was the only station which covered topics that CKNW wouldn't touch with a barge pole.
Simi, Dave, Nikki you did a fabulous job. Hope you all get picked up on TV or radio and bring us more debate.

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