The human race reaches for help in all the wrong places

This article was published on Progressive Alaska, a blog that I read several times a week. The author is Philip Munger, an Alaskan (don't forget, they're our neighbours) musician. I'm giving it a shout-out because I agree strongly with the points he makes:

A Planet-Wide Explosion of Religious Nutcases - The Human Race, Facing Possible Extinction, Reaches for Help in All the Wrong Places

Key excerpt: "Where has our sanity gone?

"If all this nuttery was happening in some kind of vacuum it would be bad enough. But here we are, facing a serious global environmental catastrophe reaching the point of no return, and all our large-scale information inputs are consumed with jibberish not much more advanced than what Aztec priests must have uttered to justify tearing the hearts out of their trophy victims.

"Why isn't memeorandum linking to the outcry about misinformation on the BP Gulf disaster, instead of the mosque bullshit?

"Why aren't more media stories directed toward the acidification of the oceans, which is approaching the point of irreversibility?"

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