Paul Jay essay on media coverage of Hurricane Katrina

Paul Jay is the founder of Independent World Television News, and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. I commented in support of this effort a couple of months ago; see An international PBS.

Jay has written an essay, Apres Moi le Deluge, which, among other things, compares the Bush administration to 18th century France. It's good.

United Negro College Fund You can help Hurricane Katrina victims by contributing to the United Negro College Fund.


0 #3 RossK 2005-09-10 13:50
If only what the Cheney Admin and the PNACkian Paddy Wackers were instituting a quasi-Marshall plan in the MiddleEast.

Unfortunately, so far it has been far from it.

Instead, it has been economic shock therapy for the indigenous folks coupled with cronyism for the occupier's favorite contractors.

And it has not worked, and not just economically. Because the guns have not been put away.

And as Naomi Klein pointed out in 'Baghdad Year Zero' this has not occurred due to and absence of a plan.

It was, and apparently to a large degree, still is the plan.
0 #2 Jeff Cosford 2005-09-07 17:01
Since WW1 and the devastation that happened in Germany with the war reparations and the subsequent German retaliation in WW2 the US has had a 2 pronged approach to the World. American presidents are hired for one reason and one reason only and that is to protect the Amercan people. Everything else is just extras.

The second strategy was the puppet regime strategy. This usually ended as an unmitigated disaster. The most famous being the Shah of Iran.
The first strategy was of course the Marshall plan. The Dept of Defence after being forced to engage in military action against your country would go in and help rebuild. They did it with Germany, Japan, Korea and to a greater or lesser extent around the world. It has had unprecedented success. People stop shooting bullets at the Americans. They found that if you were selling them stuff you probably wouldn't shoot at them. So this became their #1 stategy and still is today.

Two very interesting things occured after they went in spent massive amounts of money and got your economy going. First social safety nets sprung up every where they went. That meant having to implement new taxes. Well as you know taxes after a point the 30% of GDP point to be more precise, limit the growth in your economy. These countries could never be an economic threat to the US. The politicians were too busy buying votes to get re-elected. Taxes are consumption not wealth creation so the new found wealth that the Americans helped create typically went to bigger government limiting internal growth. Every one of these countries has felt that American largesse would never end. Or that the money would just keep rolling in.

The second benefit that came of the Marshall plan was the spill over effect. Germany was given huge amounts of money and help rebuilding and that spilled over into the rest of Europe. Although France too got help nothing that approached what was given to Germany. If you look at the South Pacific the Money that went into Japan spilled over to create the Seven Tigers.

Obviously this is the readers digest version but pretty much what happened. So today take a map of Europe and superimpose it over the Middle East. Iraq would be the Germany of today right smack in the center of everything. The difference being Germany Japan and Korea all had working governments. As much as I loathe bureaucrats every country needs some of them. Keeps the trains on time. Iraq has no government. President Bush is attempting to Nation build with the a modern day version of the Marshall plan. He is attempting to do it from the ground up. It took a decade in Europe and they had governments. No matter how you look at it what he is attempting there it's gutsey. If it works not only will there be a friendly people in the Middle East but this stuff tends to spread both from a political point and an economic one. And bonus they stop shooting at you. If this works it will be as amazing as Reagan winning the Cold War.

Look up the Marshall Plan and how it was structured you will get the picture.

0 #1 Jennifer C 2005-09-07 11:27
Hey Bob,

Excellent recommendation on how to make a positive contribution to the state of affairs in the US. A stronger United Negro College Fund may help some folks in that country who want to shift the imbalance.

Also glad to hear you are going to keep on bloggin'

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