Gordon Campbell and global climate change

How serious is all this talk from Gordon Campbell about addressing climate change? Well, the Throne Speech still included the claim that “The Gateway Project will reduce congestion, improve traffic flow, and reduce emissions from vehicle idling.”

This is silly, and deserves to be identified as such. I'll start taking Campbell's talk of concern for the environment seriously when he announces that the Port Mann Bridge/Freeway Expansion project is being scrapped, and the $1.5 billion allocated for this project will be spent on transit in the Fraser Valley instead.

There's also those two coal-fired power plants in Princeton and Tumbler Ridge, which the government now seems to be backing away from. And what about offshore oil and gas drilling, an idea supported by Energy minister Richard Neufeld? Neufeld is also a champion of coalbed methane, another loosely regulated and environmentally destructive technology.

Talk is cheap, Gordo. Let's see some actual changes.

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