Keeping America safe from Canadians, vol. II

The US Department of Homeland Security is at it again. Elsewhere in this blog (The Bush Administration embraces Maoism), you'll find the story of how Andrew Feldmar was denied entry to the US because he admitted to taking LSD 40 years ago.

Feldmar was turned back when he was going to the SeaTac Airport to pick up some friends. In the case of Glendene Grant, she was going to Las Vegas to meet with police, and speak at a CrimeStoppers event, about her daughter, Jessie Foster, who went missing over a year ago, and has apparently been taken into the white slave trade.

Grant's story is told in the June 3, 2007 Province, Mother's hunt for missing daughter blocked at border. The author is Lena Sin, who also drew attention to the Feldmar case. To summarize, Grant was convicted of possession of marijuana and cocaine in 1986. Her daughter, Jessie, went to Las Vegas in May, 2005, and met and moved in with a rich man, Peter Todd. She disappeared in March, 2006, and at that time, she was working for an escort agency. The Las Vegas police have declared the case cold, so Grant has gone to work with CrimeStoppers and the Anti-Trafficking League Against Slavery (phone: (702) 828-0237) to keep the investigation going.

I'm sure that people in the U.S. who are reading this feel much safer with the knowledge that their government is keeping them safe from the likes of Glendene Grant and Andrew Feldmar. If Jessie Foster is currently a white slave, her captors feel safer, too. To repeat a quote from Keith Olbermann, addressed to the Bush Administration, that appears elsewhere on this site, “The distance of history will recognize that the threat this generation of Americans needed to take seriously... was you.”

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