Keeping America safe from Canadians, vol. IV

I went to a basketball game at Douglas College in New Westminster this morning, and had the privilege of seeing Bol Kong, a sophomore from Vancouver, in action. After the game was over, I looked at The Province. A picture of the very same Bol Kong was on the back page, and inside was this article, by Howard Tsumura: Unstoppable Vancouver basketballer mired in red tape.

The article says that when Kong was a senior at Saint George's Secondary School, after scoring 32 points in a game, players from the opposing team lined up after the game was over to get his autograph. Close to 200 US prep schools, junior colleges, and universities have expressed an interest in having Kong play for them; he's even caught the attention of the Boston Celtics. Current US "homeland security" policy, however, prevents him from going to Bellingham to buy a pair of basketball shoes.

Kong's problem is, he was born in Sudan. He's lived in Canada since he was seven years old, and has landed immigrant status in Canada. Maybe he should try convincing the US authorities that he's Mexican.

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