It took a waitress at a Maid-Rite Diner in central Iowa named Anita Esterday to expose all the silliness that passes for press coverage of the 2008 Presidential campaign. Commenting on the media frenzy over whether Sen. Hilary Clinton did or did not leave a tip for her after having a meal at the Maid-Rite, she said, "You people are really nuts. There’s kids dying in the war, the price of oil right now — there’s better things in this world to be thinking about than who served Hillary Clinton at Maid-Rite and who got a tip and who didn’t get a tip."

You can read the rest of the story at The Carpetbagger Report by Steve Benen: Waitress tells campaign reporters: "You people are really nuts". I especially like one of the comments: "Give that waitress a raise and royalties [for sales of the] 'You People Are Really Nuts' Tees."