I'm now living in Mexico

I retired in February, 2012, and now live in Guanajuato, in Mexico's central highlands. You can read all about the place in Wikipedia.

I've put up a couple of blog postings about Mexico here and here. There's more on the way.

A plaque from the Western Canada Wilderness Committee

A recognition from the Western Canada Wilderness Committee for 18 years as a Director, at the Annual General Meeting on December 6, 2008. That's Mike Gildersleeve on the on the right. Photo by Paul Morgan.

Welcome to my site

I've been using the Joomla content management system for developing web sites for many years. During the 2005 provincial election campaign, I started a blog, and I've stuck with it.

Taken in Caffe Artigiano, at 1101 West Pender Street in Vancouver, October 10, 2001. Note the pattern in the cappucino cup. It's done in such a way that it remains intact as you sip the cappucino.